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Here at Horsham Minibus Hire, we have a pristine, unspotted and luxurious fleet of vehicles. If you are looking for a minibus hire company that can provide you with deluxe and spunky vehicles, then we are the 'it' for you.

Horsham Minibus Hire offers quality vehicles of amazing and well-known brands. Be assured that all our automobiles are in splendid condition, waiting for you to book and enjoy the ride. With sleek cleanliness and polished-looking  exteriors, our vehicles stand out in Horsham as the most customer friendly, elegant, reliable, convenient and efficient. All you have to do is make a call and we will ensure that you are served to your convenience.

You can keep calm, relax and allow is to take care of all your ttransfer needs in Horsham. All our vehicles are only 2-6 years old, meaning that our cars are roadworthy. Feel secure knowing that all minibuses and coaches in our fleet are well fitted with complete first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Our vehicles' seats are well fitted with seat adjustment systems and fully functional seat belts.

If you are looking to hire any premium vehicle in Horsham, call us. We will not only provide you with a lux vehicle, but we will offer a trustworthy and qualified driver to take care of your journey.

Here are the types of vehicles used by Horsham Minibus Hire.

8 Seater Minibus Hire

For small group of family and friends, we have the Iveco 8 seater minibus. Horsham Minibus Hire receives a significant number of clients, asking for 8 seater buses. For that purpose, we have a huge fleet of Iveco 8 seater minibuses that we have, so that none of our clients is left out.

What occassion are you intending to attend? Whether it is a horse racing event or a church retreat, Horsham Minibus will take you there and bring you back home, safely. Is is a birthday party that you are organising? Why dont you relieve yourself off the transportation burden and call us to be your designated driver?

 For you and 7 other of your friends, we have the Iveco 8 seater minibus. Trust that all our 8 seaters are were maintained. From the interiors, to the exteriors, we promise that all our 8 seaters look and feel sleek.

At Horsham Minibus Hire, we are keen observers of all safety and legal measures put in place by the local government. All our Iveco 8 seaters are checked daily by our drivers, to ensure that you arrive safely and comfortably, to your destination. We also have specialists performing checkups and servicing the vehicles regularly.

Are you attending a corporate event? Our luxurious vehicles will provide you with a sophisticated and if you like, private journey. Our drivers will make certain that you are not late and that you arrive safely. In our Iveco 8 seater, you will arrive feeling and looking like VIPs.

Horsham Minibus Hire is a brilliant choice when it comes to coaches and minibuses. It is our aim to provide you and 7 other people in your party, an easy journey, all across Horsham.

12 Seater Minibus Hire

If you ever need to travel in one or more groups of 12, we have the Ford Transit 12 seater minibus. Whether it is a church event or a recreational trip, Horsham Minibus Hire will be glad to be at your service.

We take pride in our fleet of  Ford Transit 12 seaters.  The vehicle comes with advanced technology and mechanisms. Our 12 seater Ford Transits display class, safety and comfort. With marvellously designed interiors and sublime exteriors, the Ford Transit is an excellent choice of vehicle. Whether you are going for s hort trip or a long distance journey, the Ford Transit 12 seater is powerful enough.

The Fords have ultra-modern technology that is especially helpful at night. The technology involves sensors that detect darkness, causing the headlights to automatically go on, so that you can drive safely.

Entertainment is important, for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. We also want to ensure that all our clients are entertained, during the journey. The Ford Transit entertainment system works on voice command, to facilitate a good time for everyone in the minibus.

If you need a 12 seater minibus for you and your family, then we are the people you should contact. You will receive a reply within minutes and solve all your transfer needs.

Mercedes 8 and 16 seater executives

Are you interested in only the most premium of  our services? The Mercedes 8 and 16 seaters are among our most luxurious and elegant types of vehicles.

Horsham Minibus Hire has a significant fleet of dignified 8 and 16 seater Mercedes executives, to ensure that your journey is sophisticated. Our Mercedes vehicles have a wide step, grab handle and  a wide door aperture, to help you board the vehicle.

There is also plenty of room for luggage so that you can travel comfortably, with all your stuff. Horsham Minibus recognises the importance of comfort and security while travelling, and we will provide just that.

Are you interested in some special treatment of any kind? You can place your request and we will try our best to fulfil your wishes. Our staff is most delighted to be at your service and provide you with world-class transportation.

The benz has functional safety measures like the four-wheel disc brakes. You can be assured that our Mercedes vehicles are easy to operate, with a  tight turning circle and highly advanced safety technology. With our Mercedes, we will ensure that you arrive to your destination safely and on time.

Horsham Minibus Hire is the most qualified company in the region, to offer you executive transfer services. At a fair cost, we present to you the most distinguished fleet of Mercedes 8 seater.

Renault  16 seater

Planning to go to an occasion with upto 15 other of your friends? You ca hire Horsham Minibus Hire to take care of all your transport needs. Located in Horsham, we are the leading providers of minubuses and coaches for hire.

We promise, that once you experience our services the first time, you will keep on coming back. Why? Our vehicles are the most well-maintained in Horsham. Our Renaults are well-fitted with complete first aid kits and fire extinguishers.. You will be safe in our hands, from the moment you enter our car to the time you arrive.

The Renault 16 seater has a strikingly beautiful exterior, that will make you look and feel like a VIP, from the start of the journey, to the end. For you and up to 15 other of your counterparts, we have the Renault 8 seater.

When it comes to comfort and space, the Renault stands to satisfy. All our Renault 16 seaters have ample space, for everyone to be  accommodated. There is also plenty of leg room, to help you arrive still with healthy legs, instead of muscle pools and exhaustion.

Efficiency defines our drivers. Under the ride from one of our very well-trained drivers, you and your party will arrive to your event easy and relaxed.

Please contact Horsham Minibus Hire for bookings, enquiries and any questions.

Volkswagen Crafter 16 seater standard hire

Powered by a 2-Litre, four-cylinder engine, the Volkswagen Crafter is a brilliant choice especially if you are travelling as a group. Horsham Minibus Hire  is here to hire you the Volkswagen Crafter is befitting for you and 15 other of your family and/or friends.

Most people confuse the Vokswagen Crafter, with the Mercedes sprinter. However, the crafter is a bit different.

The Volkswagen Crafter comes with a a twin passenger seat unit and bulkhead. The crafter's bulk head has a full-lenth window, so that you can enjoy all the scenes properly.

Be confident that all our crafters have achieved the required legal and safety standards. We are a company committed to making your transport easier and we intend to do exactly that, should you book with us.

We are happy to inform you that our volkswagen crafters are well installed with safety necessities like fire extinguishers and first aid kits. There is also ample entertainment, for you and your friends, so that you are not bored during the journey.

Who else but Horsham Minibus Hire to provide you with transport services? We have for years now, provided high quality and well-maintained Volkswagen Crafters. You and your company will be able to travel safely, with timely pickps and drops.


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