24 Seater Bus Hire

Use our luxurious 24 seaters to get your group to any location or event right on time. Small groups can use this vehicle to go round town following their schedule. Our drivers are very friendly and know this area quite well, so you won’t need to worry on the best route to take to get to your destination.

For bigger groups, the Horsham Minibus Hire company offers the 24 seater bus. The 24 seater is fitting for huge groups of people, who are interested in travelling to any parts of Horsham.

Are you the one in charge of transport in an event? Could you be taking part in planning for a wedding? Is it a funeral you are organising? Maybe it is a sightseeing day for your colleagues. Whatever your purpose for hiring our 24 seaters, be sure that you will arrive early and safely.

Talk to Horsham Minibus Hire, wherever you need transfer services for large groups of 20 or more people. We are the best people to call when you are in need of transportation, for your large group. From the restaurants, to the markets, the churches, attraction sites in the city and many other more destinations.

Be sure that Horsham Minibus is the right company to trabsfer you and all your workmates, during a team building event. Even if you are attending a conference or summit, we will ensure tat you arrive there together as a team, looking fresh and feeling relaxed. We understand the importance of comfort during journeys and we are here to ensure that you arrive safely to wherever it is you are heading to.

Our 24 seaters are in splendid condition,from the exteriors to the interiorism. Outside, the vehicles are sleek-looking, and in a noble state. The interiors have been specially designed to maximise space, comfort and ease.

There is plenty of  storage room, where every  passenger will comfortably put their stuff, without risk or damage. All our 24 seaters are well built with enough leg room, so that you can stretch your legs comfortably, throughout the journey.

Call us to take you to your church group retreat, birthday party, baby shower or graduation party. Horsham Minibus Hire company is more than willing to provide you with transfer services all over Horsham.

If you want 24 seater vehicles with class and highly-trained drivers, call Horsham Minibus Hire. We will answer you within minutes and guarantee that your pickups and drops are on time.

We are known for planning journeys on time so that delays and traffic can be avoided as much as possible.

Our 24 seater minibus is quite popular. We however have vehicles that can take up to 72 passengers. All you need to do is choose the right vehicle for your group. We can in fact help with your selection. With our vehicles, you can save money as well as ensure that all your group members are comfortable all through your journey.

24 Seater Bus Hire

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